Feed Live Butterflies!


Hands on education

Invite your guests to learn about the unsung hero of pollination and most common butterfly in North America, the Painted Lady.  They don't give us the delicious by product of honey, but they also won't try and sting you with their butt!  #noepipenrequired


Plug and Play

Like Ole' Pappy's, everything is self contained with our butterfly houses.  All we need is a 10'x20' foot print and access to a 110 outlet and we're good to go!  The tent can either be oriented with the 10' side facing out or the 20'.  Access to a refrigerator is a bonus.


Fun for all ages

Ages 2-102 will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere as they giggle and learn more about a very important bug that is crucial to our ecosystem.  Stroller and wheelchair accessible, this is something that the whole family can enjoy.

Pricing and Availability

The butterfly room is best suited for multiple day events.  We have butterfly rooms available both in the PNW and Texas!  Please contact us for a quote as there are logistical variables with this attraction.

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