Who is this Ky?

How we got here.

Fast forward to College after being introduced to theatre by his sister Tonja Anderson.  (legally must be included)

After Graduating from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle Washington in 2002 he immediately hit the road touring with Missoula Children's theater.  Shortly after realizing he had his sights on something vaster he got hired as a Krooze Komic with Royal Caribbean Cruise lines.  This is where he really fell in love with family friendly entertainment and was introduced to his unforeseen future in the variety arts.  Official title was interactive entertainer which essentially meant taking the entertainment to the guests!   This was terrifying and also a fantastic teacher, just walking up to someone and creating something from nothing for the soul purpose of another persons enjoyment was extremely educational, inspirational, and satisfying.

After a year floating in the Caribbean sun this Ginger knew he had to go back to the land of seasons, the great PNW!  He was fortunate to get cast in 2 plays that year, 1 at ACT and the other at Village Theater.  Looking to round out his Summer he came across a listing for a kid's entertainer at State and County Fairs.  

Enter Old man #2,  Old man #1 is obviously his pops.  This gig seemed like easy money,  It was and wasn't, but it helped continue his education in the entertainment industry which was has been an invaluable blessing in disguise.  He helped run and grow the most successful "Kid's Pedal Tractor pull show" in North America.  Born into the "fair family" he met and now considers dear friends, other entertainers from across the U.S., clients, and even yearly fairgoers!  From Tri-cities Washington to Tallahassee Florida, taking trikes to tikes with trucks and trailers, proved another winning combination of taking the fun to the people!

Having helped build a unique fun family business, he was always thinking of unique ideas, trying to come up with something that could have an equally joyful impact on a potentially different  audience.  There was usually plenty of opportunity for him to enjoy entertainment while on the road as well, and one evening in June he played his first Escape Game in San Diego.  It was a fun positive first time experience even though it wasn't a good one!

The theme was a spooky hotel, they drive up to the location, it's in an old converted motel!  Cool, it's an immersive experience at the get go, the creative artist juices are flowing.  The interior had lazy decor and poor design effort.  The game play was fun, everyone bonded, and memories were created.  Even though the overall experience was a C-, it still made someone want to play again.  This was a winning combination already.  

By combining bringing the fun to the families, with an addictive game that is fun and challenging to play, the race was on. 

Taking the first step in the big leap was having dear friends sign off on the idea.  Another lesson gradually reinforced is the importance of relationship building and continuing to grow your network.  Without the help of his newly born into cousins allowing a storage space and power to begin the project was invaluable.  Moreover having a chosen Brother who is an artist in his own right was the most enjoyable part of this adventure.  Another long driveway, another patient and understanding spouse, and a full wood shop, the game was on.  From the first cut and kicked down cupboard the project took about 10 weeks.   An extremely satisfying portion of the build was reclaiming and repurposing material as often as possible.  Letting the available supplies dictate how the cabin was designed and built Ole Pappy's Trapper Cabin was taking an authentic and poetic form.

The combination of the growing popularity of tiny homes, escape rooms, and up-cycling has given an honest handcrafted feel to the entire construction of this small business.  Find your own metaphors in life and never stop playing!

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Continuing in the spirit of bringing the fun to families, we'll also have a butterfly encounter available for your event, coming soon!

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