Howdy! Now GIT OUT, if you can!

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.-G.B.Shaw

What is THAT?!

Welcome to Ole Pappy's Trapper Cabin

Escape rooms originated in 2004 from the land of all things AWESOME, Japan!  For those unfamiliar, an escape room is essentially a crossover of a live action board game/role playing game.  With a time limit of 60 minutes (hopefully less) the team must discover clues and solve puzzles to "escape the room".  Escape rooms are a fantastic aide in team building, whether it be in a professional atmosphere, social gathering, or any situation that encourages the development of the "soft skills" such as critical thinking, communication, leadership, and teamwork.  Enjoy the pursuit of fun, and hopefully a healthy smattering of trash talk. 

Ole Pappy's Trapper Cabin is the first escape room in the PNW that comes to you!  Hand crafted and up-cycled from a 1971 travel trailer, using reclaimed material and upgraded insulation and electrical to modern standards,  this climate controlled "cabin in the woods" is a place you'd love to spend more then an hour in, but you'd better not cause Ole Pappy doesn't like when you overstay your welcome.

Based in Bend, Oregon, we are able to serve all of Central Oregon and the I-5 corridor from Eugene to Seattle.  "Ole Pappy's Trapper Cabin" is a safe place to weather a storm or to wait out a hungry bear, but don't overstay your welcome, because Ole Pappy doesn't take kindly to Snoopin City Folk!

100% customizable experience.

If you're planning an event where funness is a factor, Ole Pappy's cabin adds a unique experience to any Corporate team building, breweries (Pappy digs breweries) private events, graduation parties, family reunions, to comic-cons.  As a company that thrives in collaboration, we believe we can make any experience one to be remembered!

  Who couldn't use an hour break in their day to check out and just have some fun?  All skill levels will enjoy their time in the cabin, exploring for, and figuring out clues in order to GIT OUT, before Pappy's return!

The cabin is what real estate professionals would describe as quaint, and therefore can only hold 6 adults per escape attempt, although we suggest 4.  (If Pappy liked city folk, he would have built it bigger)

P.S, Ole Pappy is proud and excited to share his cabin with whomever is interested and will be ADA accessible ASAP.  (going for the acronym World record...btw.)

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"Ole Pappy's " was designed to cater to whomever would like to play. Recognizing that we all go through life in our own way, we want to honor this by designing a day or night that best suits your groups specific needs.  

We can collaborate within almost anyones budget!  There is a typical 2 escape minimum, but thats scratching the surface of funness to be had!  If you don't know what you want/need, don't sweat it just tell us about your event and we can create some great memories for you and your peeps together! 

Testimonials-help us create some better ones!

Everyone of the Creator's friends and family-

"I can't believe he built all this with such tiny hands."

Wife of Creator-

"You should start a business..."

TJ- Creator's fur baby

"meoororrrwwwerrrrwerrrrrrrow" translation- "give me treats and scratch my butt'  (he was zero help in the build) We're certain it's 100% Cat and Dog approved.

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From corporate events and team building, to private parties and fund raisers, nwescapeonwheels is the next "new" thing.  Lets create something together that will be a truly unique memory for your guests.

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We'll do our best to keep everyone updated on our location, who knows, we might be available for a last minute experience?!

"real" testimonials

"It's not my birthday but it sure feels like it!" - Daniel, 16 


Q: How much does it cost?

A: We can operate within almost anyones budget!  A big factor of our cost is the location of your event and the proximity of the trailer, send us a message and hopefully the trailer is in your area!

Q: Are we really locked IN?!

A: Sorta, yes?!  While you are locked in, there is a panic code if people get cagey.  It's what an idiot would have on his luggage but still.

Q:  How difficult is the experience?

A:  We strive to customize each game according to the level of experience/confidence.  3 difficulties, Easy, That was kinda hard, and lastly,  I am the smartest person alive!

Q: Is there a refund for canceling?

A:  We would prefer to re-schedule, but if that's not an option, there is a 50% refund 48 hours prior, after that, unfortunately no refunds.  Routing plays a factor in pricing and we want to be as fair as possible.

Q:  What kind of power does the Cabin require?

A:  Ole Pappy is concerned about his carbon foot print and prefers to plug a regular old extension chord into existing power.  But if need be, Pappy is prepared and has a generator.

Q:  I'm not sure the trailer will fit at my event location, what can we do?

A;  The cabin is only 21' long, and if a site visit isn't feasible we can give you a pretty good idea using Google Earth.  That being said, for an enjoyable experience, flat level ground is appreciated!

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If form letters make you a lil cagey like Pappy, feel free to compose your own email.


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Pappy prefers correspondence via carrier pigeon, but he also doesn't want PETA to get involved.  Please click on any of the contact links provided and let's get this party started!  

Ole Pappy is so old skool he still uses the phone for its original purpose, talking!  He did recently complete a free class at the local community center and is also fluent in text messaging.  However, memes and emojis won't be covered until "StarDust" returns from Coachella.

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